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Peter F Heering Classics 2016 has now announced the winner – Grant Murray, UK. Thank you for all support and effort for promoting the Heering Classics 2016 around the world.

We are happy to let you know we had over +2500 submissions from 46 countries, an amazing result, we are very proud. A special Thank you to our jury; David Wondrich, Simon Difford, Lauren Mote, Din Hassan, Charlene Dawes and Hamish Smith. The judges did not just an excellent work during our three days in London – during the semi finale, filming the Heering Legends and the Grand Finale Heering Classics, but also worked closed with the top 10 finalists during three days coaching them, giving them personal advices and tips, an exceptional experience for the coming bartenders. The mentor and educational part is something we would like to high light for next year’s competition. To have the possibility to not just meet with these people that most of them just have read about but also to spend many hours together, to get personal advices and support, and to learn from some of the best in our industry. Heering Classics will continue and we hope you will support us and the competition moving forward.

Heering is also proud to mentioned; we are part of W50BB where all the top finalists took part - to mingle and have access to some of the best bartenders in the world was a huge success. We are looking forward to Heering Classics 2017!

We kindly ask you to share the information with your local PR agencies and if you need any more photos or information please let us know.

Diffords Guide about the competition and the finalists: click here!